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With our clients we successfully finished projects for such companies as

Actually due to NDAs, we cannot share details on most of the projects or clients. So we have to change their real names and logos


General Market of Coollness

The symbol of Moscow fashion – Eastern Europe’s largest department store. A place where high-end boutiques meet haute cuisine and modern art

The winner of the Best
Russian Intranet Award

To Be

Leading Russian business software developer. Official distributor of Microsoft, Novell, Borland, and more than 100 other well-known vendors


The Great Discovery

A full-service commercial bank focusing on the client’s experience. Develops an omnichannel attitude to make more products available to a larger audience


Big Kind Brother

Russian governmental authority also functioning as a banking mega-regulator. Maintains pricing and financial stability, nurtures financial development


Common Wealth Bank

One of the top 5 biggest Russian universal commercial banks. Initially servicing foreign trade operations, it quickly expanded to a large-scale financial group


Gold Prod Bank

Another one of the top 5 biggest Russian universal commercial banks. Its banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, etc

Due to NDAs (yes, yes, again that NDAs) we can’t show most of our works. But here are some of them

How we work

1. Analytics


Data Consolidation

To learn everything about the product we explore the current version of your app and talk to your experts. Great results stem from an open dialogue between our teams



All gatherings transform into sketches of the future graphic interface. You get a clear overview of the concept


User Story Mapping

Researching key user groups and their pain points. Discovering how our app will get them corrected


PDF description of all objects in the app as well as their data attributes, UI blueprints, customer journey scripts

Business requirements
User Story Map

2. Design



We bring mockups to life using Figma design and prototyping capabilities. Feel free to delve into brand new UI, inspect its features, and leave your questions


Early Usability Testing

A specially formed testing group performs a range of tasks in the app, evaluating time to complete them. Any problems found are analyzed right away. The testing process is recorded for your convenience



Describing every element of the design. From UI-components in each possible state to the logic of a color scheme. Videos for complicated animations included


Figma project and UI-kit, testing videos, complicated animation videos, PDF test report with comments

Test Report

3. Accompaniment


Author’s Supervision

We ensure that your design solution is implemented without any deficiency. Just as it looked in the design


UX Research

Tracking usability over time to provide users with a seamless experience


Design Director

The captain of the UX/UI spaceship. Responsible for strategic decisions and task control

Business Analyst

Collects and researches user data to create a clear objective to all the team

UX/UI designer (2х)

Experts in humanizing technologies through intuitive user interfaces and flawless interactions


Examines all kinds of actions in the app and comprehensively presents improvement suggestions


Backs up the whole team making for prolific cooperation


Creates all needed drawings such as icons, banners etc

Graphic designer

Creates a stunning look for every graphic element, from UI components to presentations


Records and edits real-life app tests and any video materials you may need throughout the project

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