Find the weakest parts
in your UX at early stage

common scripts
test iterations
for each iteration
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Example of
testing report

It's in russian, but english subtitles are available

You need it when

  • You begin to develop an app, intranet or a website
  • Your digital product is being redesigned
  • You are not satisfied with the performance
  • You are not aware of conversion funnel leaks
  • Your have negative feedback from your users
You don’t need it when
  • You are on latest stages of development and not ready to make changes
  • You don't plan to spend a great deal of money to development or advertising
  • You need to launch your product as fast as possible

How we work



To get started we need business requirements, access to a clickable version of your app (if applicable), and ability to contact a responsible person



We gather a testing group to perform a wide range of real-life actions. All necessary data is collected while the process is recorded on video


Data interpretation

You get a comprehensive report that shows your product’s strong and weak points as well as possible causes of underperformance


PDF testing report with data interpretation table, the timing of the actions, problems faced, and other valuable info; testing video records

Test Report
Expert Review


Design Director

Responsible for the logic of the testing

Busines Analyst

Transforms testing data into business insights


Sets real situations requiring user actions to examine every feature of the product


The one who makes our team work fast and smooth

Graphic designer

Knows how to present data in a clear visual way


Producer of the testing records

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