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How we work

1. Development Preparation


Data Consolidation

Firstly we check business requirement documentation according to the result of UX/UI design and change it if necessary. Then we study and clarify functional specification


Project planning

Dividing all the functionality into small tasks, prioritizing them and spreading among sprints


DOCX documents with accurate business requirements and functional specification, project workflow in Jira

Business requirements
and functional specification
Jira workflow

2. Front-End Development



Upon the conclusion of the preparatory period we proceed to the development stage solving Jira tasks



During solving every task in Jira we perform functional and usability testing. The author’s supervision is carried out at all stages of development


Writing Documentation

Preparing documentation of a custom platform layer and unit testing (coverage at least 80%)


React application (Typescript), Video and interpretation table from usability tests, tasks in Jira to solve, separate React application to help reading the documentation

React app on typescript
Test report


Project Manager
(Scrum Master)

Main manager of the development process, coach for everyone in the development team and facilitator for everything in the project

Front-End Developer (2x)

Сombines the art of design with the art of programming: translates the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code


Examines all kinds of actions in the product and comprehensively presents improvement suggestions

PM Assistant

Backs up the whole team making for prolific cooperation

Busines Analyst

Collects and researches user data to create a clear objective to all the team

Tester (2x)

Not only searches for bugs in functionalities. Also contributes to the proper planning of the whole team’s work


Records and edits real-life app tests and any video materials you may need throughout the project

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