Digital Nomads: What’s that? How much do they make? Is it that even legal?

I move roughly 7 times a year. I collect all my things, leave my old apartment behind, and move into a new one. Over the past 3 years, this averages out to one move every 52 days. Sometimes …

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Jan 4. 2021

Why European banks are buying up IT-professionals

These figures include the costs of the banks’ own IT departments and the money used to purchase third-party products. The top four collectively overtake Google’s (Alphabet Inc.) investment figure of…

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Oct 19. 2020

Ignorance and overconfidence: 13 qualities that make a good boss

“I’m an engineer and a designer.” This is how I like to introduce myself to people, especially in Europe, where the word engineer assumes ...

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Oct 7. 2020

We won two awards

Mobile Excellence and Honorable Mention. The awwwards jury is proud to declare this website Honors in recognition of the great talent and effort invested in its creation.

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Aug 26. 2020

21 methods of UX research: when to use which

Like it or not, there’s no way of getting around the topic of UX testing when creating a digital product. Any specialist who gives even…

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Aug 5. 2020

Standardization of color schemes through the eyes of a programmer

Let’s try to figure out how designers use colors in UI and how the whole thing can be standardized without restricting designers

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May 24. 2020

UX-research of an Online Banking App: our experience, mistakes and discoveries

Hi. I’m the CDO at Russian IT-company and I wanted to talk to you about the ways we conducted usability testing of our mobile application

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May 12. 2020

IFIN-2020 public report: UX-research of an Online Banking App

This is a video from IFIN-2020 conference, where Denis Elianovsky, the CDO of Just a Team of Creators, presented results of recent usability tests

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Feb 26. 2020

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