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How we work

1. Analytics


Data Consolidation

To learn everything about the product we explore the current version of your app and talk to your experts. Great results stem from an open dialogue between our teams



All gatherings transform into sketches of the future graphic interface. You get a clear overview of the concept


User Story Mapping

Researching key user groups and their pain points. Discovering how our app will get them corrected


PDF description of all objects in the app as well as their data attributes, Ul blueprints, customer journey scripts

Business Requirements
User Story Map

2. Design



We bring mockups to life using Figma design and prototyping capabilities. Feel free to delve into brand new UI, inspect its features, and leave your questions


Early Usability Testing

A specially formed testing group performs a range of tasks in the app, evaluating time to complete them. Any problems found are analyzed right away. The testing process is recorded for your convenience



Describing every element of the design. From Ul-components in each possible state to the logic of a color scheme. Videos for complicated animations included


Figma project and Ul-kit, testing videos, complicated animation videos, PDF test report with comments

Test Report

3. Front-End Development



Based on the results of previous stage we change BRD, clarify functional specification. Then we proceed to the development stage solving Jira tasks



During solving every task in Jira we perform functional and usability testing. The author’s supervision is carried out at all stages of development



Preparing documentation of a custom platform layer and unit testing (coverage at least 80%)


Business requirements and functional specification, project workflow in Jira, testing videos with text comments, React application (all typescripts and for reading the documentation)

Functional specification
Jira workflow
React application


Project Manager

Person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, closure of a project and for retrograde mercury

Scrum Master

Main manager of the development process, coach and facilitator for everyone in the development team


Creates all needed drawings such as icons, banners etc.

UX/UI Designer (2x)

Experts in humanizing technologies through intuitive user interfaces and flawless interactions

Usability Tester

Sets real situations requiring user actions to examine every feature of the product

Graphic Designer

Creates a stunning look for every graphic element, from UI components to presentations

Front-End Developer (2x)

Сombines the art of design with the art of programming: translate the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code

Tester (2x)

Not only searches for bugs in functionalities. Also contributes to the proper planning of the whole team’s work

PM Assistant

The one who makes our team work fast and smooth

Business Analyst

Transforms testing data into business insights


Records and edits real-life product tests and any video materials you may need throughout the project

External Expert (2x)

Every project needs an outside perspective. External experts provide us these professional opinions and advices

Largest Russian Banks we worked with

As design department of JTC company we took part in technological transformation of VTB, one of the leading universal banks of Russia, top-500 largest companies in Europe


Omni-channel platform for retail customers, Online-bank for business

Together with JTC Company we participated in the implementation of the Bank's strategy to become a leader in working with small and medium-sized businesses


Online-bank for businesses of any type

In partnership with JTC Company we developed services to simplify user experience and increase customer satisfaction in Gazprombank


Online system for businesses “GBO Business-Online”

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